Dear Colleagues

     This is a call for papers regarding the social sciences congress entitled “The Problems of Social Change and Turkey of the future” is organised by Presidency of the Republic of Turkey Social Policies Council and Selçuk University.This congress will take place between 9-11 April 2020 in Konya, Turkey.

     The social change that Turkey has been experiencingis immense, and this change creates an impact on all social interactions, institutional structures where all behavioural patterns are regenerated. Unless the new issues that Turkey face in the processes of her cultural, economic, and political changes are analysed scientifically, it will not be quite easy to tackle the emerging problems. The times of change may cause substantialcomplications as much these times pave the way for many opportunities. Therefore, it is essential to have an insight into theseproblems to increase the capacity of problem-solving. Hence, researching and analysing these issues academically pose a huge significance.

     The evaluation of the social problems resulting from the social change trends may beclarifiedthrough conducting research in the context of social policy. It is inevitable that the social policy approaches should be focused on to overcome the problems resulting from the structural changes in a society. Situated at the centre of social union, the system of cultural-values is the most exposed aspect to any external effect depending upon the speed and intensity of social change. In this context, it is crucial to understand the problems raising from social change and to establish the principles of social policy that have the capacity to rectify the disintegration in the society.

     The aim of this congress is to discuss the issue of “Social Change in Turkey” in utter detail, to determine the problematic areas, to propose solutions, and finally to develop strategies for Turkey of the future.In accordance with this purpose, submissions on all areas of social change are welcomed in this congress.

     We are looking forward to seeing you in the congress which will be invaluable thanks to your contributions.
Prof. Dr. Vedat BİLGİN
Presidency of the Republic of Turkey Social Policies Council
Prof. Dr. Mustafa ŞAHİN
Chancellor Selçuk University